Monday, October 13, 2008

You meant Greenland right

By the way, do you think Canada would be interested in a slightly larger and more contiguous acquisition? Just floating the idea …

I earlier presumed the above question referred to Greenland and not the USA.

Regarding the USA, I am strongly in favour of a proposal I read recently. We should send all our conservatives to the US. Since they want to turn Canada into an extension of the US it is fair I think to presume that they'd be much happier in the US. The US should in exchange send us all their liberals. Since they are always bitching about the state of their union, it is fair to imagine they'd be much happier in Canada.

The biggest impediment to union between Canada and the US is the future of the US dollar. It is one thing for Canada to contemplate inviting 330,000 bankrupt individuals to join Canada. We can turn the lives of 330,000 around with ease. It would arguably be unwise to invite 350,000,000 bankrupt individuals to join us. It is not clear that we could rescue numbers that large from their misfortunes.

If George Bush is right and "this sucker does go down", for sure I'd want Canada to do everything it could to help the US, for I'd be friend to the US. But I think it would also be time for Canada to go looking for new friends and new export markets.

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