Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canada as a Nordic Nation

Canada currently has membership in the British Commonwealth and is represented at La Francophonie by its French provinces.


The incorporation of Iceland into the Canadian federation might open the door to Canada (through Icelandic representation) being adopted by other Nordic Nations into the league of Nordic Nations, since Iceland is already a member of this group. I would be all in favour of seeing Canada cooperating closely with the other four Nordic nations (Denmark / Norway / Sweden / Finland).

We share with these nations a common regard for our environment, a common love of the north, and are already cooperating closely in sports such as ice-hockey, and skiing. Geographically we are already Nordic in all but name. It would be wonderful if as consequence of union with Iceland we could be Nordic in name too.



Anonymous said...

I think this venture would be worth it if only to acquire Bjork and Sigur Ros.

Ian Davis said...

Given that I've never heard either still being immersed in 1970's rock, what is the first thing I should listen to?

Anonymous said...

Both can be youtubed easily. Bjork (of the ostrich dress and the Athens Olympics opening ceremonies) is more well known and makes a quirky kind of experimental pop.
Sigur Ros is less likely to offend but much more laid back. Check out their "hoppipolla" video.