Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What about natural resources

Icelands most profitable renewable resource is fish. 700,000 tonnes of fish products worth nearly one billion euros are exported annually. On average, an Icelandic fisherman catches 210 tonnes of fish per year. That is more that three times as much as his Norwegian counterparts and eight times as much as fishermen from the EU.

Icelanders are however experiencing decreases in catches, and needs to urgently address the management of this vital natural resource, if it is to be a genuinely sustainable resource.

In 2006 Iceland produced 8,647 tonnes of lamb, 3,196 tonnes of beef, and 5,744 tonnes of pork.

In the same year Iceland mined one metric ton of Aluminum per person in Iceland. By comparison, Canada in 2001 produced less than one tenth of a metric ton per person in Canada.

Iceland also offers opportunities for hunters

and angling for salmon.

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