Monday, October 13, 2008

We'd welcome our new overlords

I am not suggesting that Canada should take over Iceland as Norway or Denmark might. Einar Gudfinnsson (Iceland's Fishery Minister) has said that Iceland has to consider every option. It is to be hoped if he is indeed considering every option, that the possibility of union with Canada as a new province is at least being considered as one such option.

Geographically, and culturally Iceland is far similar to Canada than Europe. As Canada's 11th province, Iceland could retain its parliament, as all provinces do, protect its own language (as Quebec currently does), employ its own legal system (Quebec uses the Napoleonic code), retain its own religious freedoms, traditions, holidays, etc. I would personally hope that Iceland would insist on the right to manage its own fishery, since this is something Iceland has proved far more capable of doing than our own inept leadership in Ottawa.

It may be that Iceland is best advised to continue going it alone. It may be that Icelanders best interests are served by moving towards much closer integration with Europe. Perhaps Iceland should revert to being a colony of Denmark, or forge new relationships with Norway, or even Russia. I can not speak for Icelanders.

But I can say that a union of Iceland with Canada would be of enormous long term value to Canada. Iceland potentially is in a strong position to leverage its strategic position with Canada as a very valuable asset to Canada. Canadians respect Icelands achievements, and would I think be proud to include Iceland in our federation. I think Icelanders would find a good home for Iceland in Canada. I grew up in England before emigrating to Canada. I found a good home here.

At a minimum I think both Icelanders and Canadians should give the idea serious consideration, even if either or both sides eventually reject the idea as being unworkable.

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