Friday, October 15, 2010

Stay Independent Iceland is told

Dear Iceland Review! Island! Stay independent! Do not on any terms join the European Union. As I have mentioned previously and which I correctly forecasted during the Icesave crisis, the EU is only interested in gaining control over your sovereignty. Your fish are of extreme importance for the EU including your aluminium production and the thermal energy sector. Joining the EU would be political suicide. DON’T DO IT ICELAND!

I would instead suggest getting support from Canada. Sincerely! Torben Arendal, Asmindrup, Denmark

Dear Icelanders All,

I have said in my previous letters that Iceland has something precious which marks it out as different to the rest of the world and you should not sacrifice this by joining the EU. The EU is a pretty well corrupt money pit and if you join will just suck the life out of your special island, take anything of value and leave you to fend for yourselves plus all the millions of foreigners you will have to support some how. All this with your hands tied behind your backs and freedoms removed. So fight on independently, maybe with the help of a partner like Canada. Torben is sooooo right. Keep on trucking Mike Pusey, Devon, England

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