Monday, October 11, 2010

Interest in this blog

Internal statistics provided by this blog give an interesting analysis of where in the world this blog is being viewed. Here are the number of hits to this blog by country:

  • United States 82
  • Canada 63
  • U.K 55
  • Germany 51
  • Netherlands 42
  • Switzerland 21
  • Ukraine 20
  • Russia 18
  • Lithuania 17
  • Poland 17

I am most surprised to see no reference to Iceland in the above list. I would have thought that this blog would have been of more interest to Iceland than Russia or Germany. Might those in the countries cited above perhaps tell Iceland that they are being courted by at least some in Canada.

Visits to this blog have recently shot up.. there were 409 page views performed against this blog in the last month.

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