Monday, October 4, 2010

Does Iceland want to join the EU

The Icelandic government, or the part of it that favours EU membership, has naturally tried to put on a brave face and convince Brussels that eventually the public opinion will turn around. Especially when the so-called Icesave dispute with the British and Dutch governments has been solved, if it is solved. But the reality is, as Mr Kristjánsson explains, that Icelanders have in fact never been interested in joining the EU. There has always been heavy opposition to membership and additional debate on the issue has tended only to increase this opposition.

An opinion poll carried out in June by Capacent Gallup showed that nearly 60 percent of Icelanders are in favor of the government withdrawing the country's [EU] application, due in part to the banking issue. Only a quarter of those polled opposed such a move.,,5840269,00.html

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