Thursday, July 5, 2012

US Vendetta against Icelandic Member of Parliament

The US really seems to have a problem with the notion that their jurisdiction is or should be limited to the prosecuting of those who are either their own citizens, who commit crimes in their or other countries, or the citizens of other countries who commit crimes on their soil. It is utterly absurd to contend that those who reveal that the US war machine commits crimes, and then lie about them, as happened in the helicopter gunship attack on journalists, are themselves in any way party to a crime in thus causing some embarrassment to the US. Lies deserve embarrassment. Indeed one might instead argue that if those within the US responsible for prosecuting war crimes, which attacking unarmed civilians is (and which the US had clear video footage of) do not live up to their responsibilities to police their own, then it becomes the responsibility of all other nations, including Iceland, to bring such crimes to the light of day. Thanks, Iceland, and in particular Birgitta Jónsdóttir, for having the courage to do so. Evidence of a US judicial vendetta against WikiLeaks activists mounts


J. Thomas said...

Your link seems to be broken.

Ian Davis said...

Yes, sorry the Guardian posts news articles and then takes them down. Personally I think it rather silly, but news print publishers are in the business of selling news, rather than in the business of providing news.

Hopefully I said enough to capture the gist of the article in which an Icelandic MP indicates that her facebook accounts etc. were hacked by the US government, resulting merely from her public support for wikileaks.

The US wants to shoot the messenger here, when the message of the messenger is that the US commits war crimes.