Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Arctic League

The proposal for an Arctic League is interesting because it echoes one of my arguments in favour of Iceland joining Canada.. specifically that it would make it easier for Canada through Iceland to become a member of the Nordic Nations with ties to Scandinavia, while making Iceland both geographically and politically central to such a cross Atlantic cooperative.

My concerns with the proposed "Arctic League" is that were I an American I would feel it very unfair to exclude Alaska from this league, while if I was a Russian, I'd feel that this was a western voting block designed to oppose or thwart Russia's claims in the Artic.

With Russia, and/or Alaska at the table, smaller nations might well feel intimidated, but they might find themselves potentially equally intimidated if absent Russia and/or Alaska at the table, either took offence at the existance of such an Arctic League.

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